Jasmijn Slootjes at the Migration Policy Group

Jasmijn_2.jpg.315x315_q95For the past 3 months I participated in the so-called Pat Cox fellowship. For 3 months I worked for 4 days a week at the Migration Policy Group, a think tank in Brussels, and on Fridays we followed weekly seminars introducing us to the curiosities of the EU bubble. It was a great experience and I worked on many diverse projects. I worked on establishing integration outcome indicators in order to link them up to the upcoming Migration Policy Index and worked on preparatory work to add ‘Health’ as a policy dimension to the MIPEX. I also did multiple analyses on the Immigrant Citizens Survey and worked on a really cool data-collection project on refugees in Europe of the UNHCR. I learned a lot and had a great time, but I am very happy to now be back at the VU and leave the suits and business cards locked away!

You can find Jasmijn’s publications at the MPG website.

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