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1 April: M&T lunch

Harry-GanzeboomM&T lunch, Tuesday April 1, 13:00 Z-531

Harry Ganzeboom will give a presentation on missing values:

Missing values: what is there beyond pairwise and listwise deletion?

“I discuss and compare several modes of missing values treatment in a model that predicts educational and occupation attainment in Suriname in which both mother’s and father’s characteristics (their education and occupation) are incompletely observed, for different reasons”

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18 Maart: PARIS research colloquium

PARIS research colloquium on March 18th 1-2 pm, Z-531

Martijn Huisman will present his work “Resilience in Aging Migrants; A new cohort in the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam”
“In this seminar, I will describe a new endeavor in the LASA study: data collection among a cohort of older Turkish and Moroccan migrants. Theoretical underpinnings concern the notion of resilience, leading to the research question: To what degree will these groups, characterized by a disadvantaged position in economic, health and social resources, be able to age successfully in the Netherlands? Very soon a PhD will start on this research project in the department of Sociology”

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