1 April: M&T lunch

Harry-GanzeboomM&T lunch, Tuesday April 1, 13:00 Z-531

Harry Ganzeboom will give a presentation on missing values:

Missing values: what is there beyond pairwise and listwise deletion?

“I discuss and compare several modes of missing values treatment in a model that predicts educational and occupation attainment in Suriname in which both mother’s and father’s characteristics (their education and occupation) are incompletely observed, for different reasons”

– Incomplete families when respondent was growing up (several types)
– Don’t know and refusal.
We compare several types of missing values treatment:
– Listwise deletion / complete case analysis
– Pairwise deletion (SPSS) / available case analysis
– Maximum likelihood estimation: FIML (Lisrel) and MLMV (Stata)
– Mean substitution
– Hot deck substitution
– Multiple imputation (SPSS)


Allison, Paul (2002)., Missing Data. Sage University Paper.

Enders, G.K. (2010). Applied Missing Data Analysis.

Knight, P. et al. (2007), Missing Values. A Gentle Intrdoduction”


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