PARIS Research colloquium!

You are very welcome at the next PARIS Research colloquium

Bianca Suanet, Veni-laureaat 2014, will talk about her Veni research proposal

September 9th 2014, 1-2 pm

Metropolitan, Z5.31

‘ Informal networks and care in a participation society: changes, mechanisms and consequences’

Sustained changes in policy concerning long-term care that aim to increase responsibility of informal networks beg the question of whether, and if so, which older adults might be or become vulnerable in terms of care received. Societal developments like individualization have changed personal networks. The distinct family-focused network type ensured receipt of care for many in the past, but non-kin has gained importance at the cost of kin. Also, relationships that generally were governed by norms of solidarity might rely more on keeping balance in exchange of support and care. In the current project, I aim to understand how network type and potential for informal care has changed across birth cohorts of older adults over a time span of about twenty years. First, I study informal and formal care use of older adults with different network types among different birth cohorts. Second, I look at whether the importance of reciprocity for receiving care have changed over the period of investigation. Third, I focus on two categories of older adults that are potentially disadvantaged, namely older adults in a low socio-economic status and divorced older people. As a result of this study, I will be able to give a much needed answer to the pressing questions of how societal developments have changed networks of Dutch older adults, whether or not the conditions underlying support exchange have changed and what implications this has for the use of formal care of older adults. I employ data from the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam (LASA), a unique cohort-sequential panel study that allows me to study network types and informal and formal care use among older adults (born 1908-1957) over the years 1992-2016.








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