PARIS Research colloquium!

Tim ImmerzeelYou are very welcome at the next PARIS Research colloquium!  Tim Immerzeel will tell about his research “Mobilizing ‘the people’?”

October 14th 2014, 1-2 pm
Metropolitan, Z5.31

SCC post-doc POLPART

Dept. Of Sociology
VU Amsterdam

Mobilizing ‘the people’?
The emergence of the populist radical right (PRR) has led to much debate about the current state of our democracy. It is argued that the PRR undermines the protection of minorities and the notion of pluralism that constitute the foundations of many Western liberal democracies. However, some claimed that the sometimes revolutionary entrance of these parties in politics has lured a ‘silent majority’ to the polling booth, thus strengthening engagement with democracy and politics. The latter hypothesis has been the starting point of my dissertation (2015) ‘Voting for a change. The democratic lure of populist radical right parties in voting behavior.’ I have investigated whether and why the popularity of the PRR affects the voting behavior of citizens in Western and Eastern European countries. In this presentation, I will give a short summary of the answer to this question and tell you more about my contribution to the PolPart-project ‘how people try to influence politics and why?’

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