Movements in Times of Democratic Transition (ed. Bert Klandermans en Cornelis van Stralen) verkozen tot Choise Magazine´s Outstanding Academic Title 2015

Het in 2015 gepubliceerde boek Movements in Times of Democratic Transition, geredigeerd door Bert Klandermans en Cornelis van Stralen is verkozen tot één van de Outstanding Academic Titles 2015 door Choice Magazine. Zie hieronder twee indexvan de reviews!

`This fascinating collection of articles on social movements in times of democratic transition makes a significant contribution to the field.  The book begins with a discussion of social movement theory.  As the authors suggest, there is a paucity of social science research on what happens to social movements that succeed in fundamentally changing a country.  How does a successful social movement interact with a new government?  Does the social movement decline or become more radical?  Is it revitalized, or does it go into abeyance?  Or does it become disengaged?  These are some of the essential questions addressed in this volume.  In the remainder of the book, contributors use Latin America, South Africa, and east-central Europe as landscapes for investigation.  The authors raise crucial issues social movement organizations experience in Brazil, Argentina, El Salvador, South Africa, and Poland.  In each instance, the authors demonstrate that the particular history of a successful social movement shapes and conditions its interaction with the new government.  This volume has much to teach social movement researchers and does a superb job of framing the issues.” 
P. Seybold, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis


“The editors have assembled an impressive set of internationally known scholars of social movements to address the central problems of transitions from authoritarian regimes. The geographical scope of the collection is extraordinary, and the book’s unusually high level of coherence lends important value to the individual papers. Movements in Times of Democratic Transition is a timely book, and its many analyses provide a broad and deep set of theoretical tools for assessing transitions. I do not know of another such comprehensive treatment of the potential trajectories of social movement actors than these collected essays.”
John D. McCarthy, Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the Pennsylvania State University



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