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Nieuwe publicatie van Erik van Ingen: ‘I Volunteer, Therefore I am? Factors Affecting Volunteer Role Identity’

Abstract: Volunteerik van ingener role identity has long been of interest to social scientists seeking to understand volunteer commitment and the psychological consequences of volunteering. The study reported here tests the theory that predicts that people identify more strongly with the volunteer role as compensation for the absence of other productive roles. Using a sample (n = 572) of Dutch volunteers over the age of 50, we find a strong association between age and volunteer role identity. For older volunteers, the volunteer role is a more important part of who they are. We find that retirement plays an important role in this. The retirement effect, in turn, is accounted for by the extra time retirees invest in the role, signaling a compensation strategy. We find a similar substitution effect for the unemployed/disabled, but not for widowhood. The study makes a contribution by situating the explanation of volunteer role identity within a life-course framework.

Via deze link is het gehele artikel te lezen: SAGE.


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13 mei: PARIS research colloquim

PARIS research colloquium on May 13, 1-2 pm, Z.531 (Metropolitan Building)

Peer SmPeer smets2ets will present his work on “Neighborhood belonging”

“For this PARIS meeting I will introduce:

Watt, P. and Smets, P. (2014) Mobilities and neighbourhood belonging in cities and suburb. London, etc.: Palgrave MacMillan.

The contents will be illustrated based on a chapter on belonging in a Rotterdam housing complex.”

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