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Symposium on trust and politics hosted by Prof. Bert Klandermans, November 26

When: Thursday, November 26, from 12.00 to 14.00
Where: VU Amsterdam, Main building, room Agora 2.
Protest_LithuaniaHow trust is related to political involvement, both as a moral value and a rational attitude? What was the role of social trust in overthrowing the Communist regime in Eastern Europe? Why and how the lack of political trust is harmful for young democracies? These and other questions about the implications of trust for modern societies will be discussed in the Symposium on trust and politics.

The Symposium will be held as a follow up event of the oral defence by Teodora Gaidyte of dissertation “Explaining political participation in mature and post-communist democracies: Why social trust matters?”

Three international members of the reading committee will take part in a symposium related to the thesis. Prof. Piotr Sztompka from University of Kraków (Poland) will lecture about Moral Capital: the Secret of Social Agency. Ainė Ramonaitė, professor at Vilnius University (Lithuania), will present her research on Importance of Trust and Weak Ties in Soviet Society. Annette Freyberg-Inan from University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) will talk on The Threat of Selective Democracy: Popular Dissatisfaction and Exclusionary Strategy of Elites in Central and Eastern Europe

Prof. Bert Klandermans is the host of the event.

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Lorraine Nencel receives three year WOTRO-grant!

Lorraine_Nencel_webTogether with Ida Sabelis (COM), Lorraine Nencel (SOC) received a three year grant in the WOTRO program Research for Inclusive Development: Strategic Actors

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